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This website is meant to show the skills of Nick Ziemba, web developer. Diving Eagle Neckties is a fictitous company and you cannot order products.

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About Us

The History

Since 1933, Diving Eagle Neckties has produced quality, affordable neckties. Ronald McMattis and his brother Robert wanted a store that specialized in men's neckties, so they bought a small shop in New York City. The rest, as they say, is history.

Since then, as the proud descendants of the McMattis brothers we've been dedicated to bring our customers a quality, well put-together product at a fair price. We value honesty, integrity, and transparency.

Diving Eagle Neckties is still owned today by the McMattis family, and is run like a family business, where all ideas are welcome, and everyone has a say.

The Product

Our neckties are made in America, using materials from textile factories around the country, and then brought to our factories in Georgia where the ties are assembled.

From there, the ties go into shipping, where they're distributed to our stores... unless you've ordered form our site, in which case, they're delivered directly to you!

Diving Eagle's Orignal Store
The Original Location of Diving Eagle's Neckties