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Hey gardening fanatics! After my trip to sandy, sandy Egypt, I thought I’d get back to some good old fashioned dirt! So, I’m going to make a few helpful suggestions about what kind to get!

All Purpose

All purpose soil is just that, all-purpose! If you prefer, you can use this soil for just about any plant you want! However, if you want your garden to be the best it can be, I’m going to talk about what kinds of soil you’ll want for specific kinds of plants

Moisture Control

Moisture Control does its best to keep water in the soil as long as it can. This soil is also full of nutrients, so it’s great for fruits and vegetables that grow on a vine or in the ground.

Seed Starting

Seed starting is just what it sounds like, it helps to start seeds. If your garden has been barren for years, or if you’re just starting it, this may be the soil for you. It’s also good if you’re starting from scratch with just some seeds.


If you’ve planted those seeds and they’ve sprouted, plant this kind of soil to give them the nutrients they need.

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This was useful to me. Thanks, George!