Diving Eagle Necktie E-commerce Website

Talents Showcased: Server-side Development, Interactivity, Design

Objective: To promote and help visitors purchase neckties

Target Audience: Adult Males

  • Product Information is stored in a MySQL database, and is retrieved and displayed through hand-coded PHP.
  • The site has hand-coded PHP that allows differing levels of authentication: all users can view and purchase ties, but administrators can add, update, or remove ties from the product list. If you want to try this out for yourself, log in with 'boss' as the username and password.
  • Utilization of CSS Grids on the products page allows for a flexible, responsive view of the products.

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Screenshot of the Diving Eagles E-commerce site

Cancer Information Site

Talents Showcased: Client-side Development

Objective: To inform people about what cancer is

Target Audience: Adults

  • The user is presented with information collapsed behind body-part category strips. When one is clicked, a stylish jQuery animation occurs and content slides into view.
  • Facts are presented as infographics, some of them interactive, to engage the reader. Positions were carefully controlled to place the overlapping graphics in the proper areas, and were coded to be responsive.
  • All of the graphics were created by hand, first on paper, then in Adobe Illustrator.

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Screenshot of the Finding Cancer site

George's Gardening Blog

Talents Showcased: Familiarity with Frameworks, Design

Objective:To allow the fictional George to write and manage posts, and manage users and their comments

Target Audience: Young Adults

  • This blog was made using the WordPress platform, which allows the site manager to create, read, update, and delete content, themes, and plugins as they wish.
  • A custom theme was built to give the site a nice, slick appearance, but the theme is not exclusive to a garden blog and could be used with other sites as well.
  • Several plugins, such as Max Mega Menu, MetaSlider, and wpDiscuz, were added to enhance functionality, implementing a user registration page, as well as a form that allows users to send an email to the site's manager.

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Screenshot of the Wordpress garden blog site